Pemex Gas Overview

Pemex Gas Overview

pemex oil, mexican oil company, pemex drillingPemex Gas is a subsidiary of Petróleos Mexicanos Pemex. It commercializes, processes, and transports the following fuels:

  • Liquefied petroleum gas
  • Natural gas
  • Sulphur
  • Ethane
  • Natural gasolines
  • Basic petrochemicals

Social Responsibility

The mission of Pemex Gas is to satisfy the national demand for fuels and maximize its profits. Within Pemex, it occupies an important strategic position.

It processes and delivers natural gas in a safe and efficient manner to other subsidiaries for its consumption.

Pemex Gas works intensively on the social responsibility of the company. It took actions toward industrial safety, the health of their personnel, their families, environmental protection, and supplier care.

Ten Principles

Pemex Gas is guided by the ten principles of the World Agreement of 2006. It takes as its highest priority, the safety of workers, environment, neighbors and clients.

Pemex Gas operates 8,295 km of gas pipelines and is the only distributor of gas in Mexico.
Among the projects Pemex Gas is involved in currently, these are the highest profile:

  • Automated monitoring system of seals in the national pipeline network of PGPB.
  • Electronic measuring of gas in natural transport.
  • Modernization and impact of the supply process.
  • Implementation of the electronic invoice and advance electronic signature FEA.

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