Interest In The Pemex Oil and Gas Company

Interest In The Pemex Oil and Gas Company

Royal Dutch Shell

pemex oil and gas, pemex oil and gas companyA giant oil company like Royal Dutch Shell plans to spend money on Mexican soil, a situation that would benefit the Mexican oil companies as they were in talks to partner with the Pemex.

Pemex is in talks to be a partner in the exploration stage without being the operator of the project. Pemex in Mexico would seek partners to carry out the exploratory phase of the project, a situation which directly benefits the Mexican oil company.

The field survey conducted by Royal Dutch Shell indicates that the maritime territory to be explored in the Gulf of Mexico called Perdido is extremely similar to the one in the United States where the company generates 50% of its global revenues.

Deep Water Exploration and Mexican Oil Companies

It is understandable, the interest in deep water oil exploration. The only difficulty would be the reduction in oil prices which makes major investment, even in deepwater exploration, a challenge. The high prices of deep water exploration make it less attractive to oil companies.

Abu Dhabi

Despite the low price of a barrel of oil, there are other investors interested in Mexican oil. An Abu Dhabi firm shows interest in investing in Mexico. Mexican officials have confirmed the interest of investment from Abu Dhabi and they have had discussions with Mexican oil company Pemex.

Currently the Mexican government seeks ways to attract foreign investment in oil exploration and through attractive facilities and other means.

There are no other Mexican oil companies besides Pemex. Petroleos Mexicanos Pemex is the only company, private and public, in charge of oil exploration and exploitation in Mexico.

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